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NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost | January 2018

Let There Be Light

Darkness will flee from the powerful light of the NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost. Capable of a blazing 900 lumens, your path will be supremely lit. The battery can last up to 26 hours when set to its lowest setting. With two daytime flash modes, you will be just as visible during the day.

Its protective dust and waterproof construction allow the Lumina 900 Boost to go wherever adventure takes you. It comes with a handlebar mount but is also capable of mounting to your helmet (mount sold separately).

Equipped with a USB rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, you'll never have to fumble with replacing dead batteries. The Lumina 900 Boost features IntelliCharge, which allows it to charge in half its normal time (5 hours at a standard charge).

With all of these features, the NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost is capable of lighting any ride. Whether road, gravel, or backcountry, it will light the way.

Before you begin your quest, grab a NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost and make the most of your ride.

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost $79.99 One Model Only

  • New Boost Mode uses maximum 900 lumens
  • 5 light levels plus 2 daylight flash modes
  • IntelliCharge quick charge technology
  • Convenient USB rechargeable
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