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Developed in conjunction with experts in the field of bicycle fit, ergonomics, and physiology, Trek Precision Fit is a comprehensive bicycle fitting philosophy designed to help cyclists ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort with a reduced chance of injury. All Trek Precision Fits begin with a personal interview, through which we learn about your individual cycling needs and goals, and conclude with a follow-up appointment to further fine-tune your position.
Landis Cyclery Trek Precision Fit Technicians have received extensive training from the medical consultants and expert staff at Trek to analyze each athlete’s unique physical attributes, pedaling technique, posture, and more. Using key data gained during the flexibility and structural assessment, we will optimize your bicycle and equipment to match your individual physiological profile, leading to quantifiable results.

Based on what we learn, we can also recommend upgrades or changes to your bicycle and gear that will further improve your efficiency and comfort, including gloves, shoes, saddles, stems, handlebars, and more.
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Learn more about the Trek Precision Fit process
Discovery Interview
Get in touch with your riding style & goals. During the personal interview, your Trek Precision Fit technician will begin to understand your unique cycling needs. He/she will assess your flexibility, listen to your fitness goals, and help you talk through any known health issues.

Lower Body Evaluation
Unlock your ideal posture & power. During a lower body evaluation, a Trek Precision Fit technician will conduct a thorough assessment to determine your ideal cleat position, leg extension, saddle selection and position, making incremental changes to create ideal biomechanical alignment that optimizes your posture and power

Upper Body Evaluation
Increase comfort and bike control. During an upper body evaluation, a Trek Precision Fit technician your body's natural alignment with the appropriate stem angle and reach, as well as the proper handlebar shape and width. The technician can also recommend the most appropriate bar material, tape style, and other shock absorbing parts.

Record, Advise, & Follow Up
Fit for the perfect ride. After the personal interview and body evaluations, your Trek Precision Fit technician will briefly review known issues listed during the interview, highlight the changes made during you fit, and explain the benefits you, as the rider, can expect. After your appointment, if need, we recommend a follow up appointment to further fine tune your position.