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Indoor Cycling 101

What is indoor cycling? It's connecting the bike you already have to a piece of equipment that let's your ride how you want, when you want, from the comfort of your home.

Basic options are affordable, quiet, and store easily for small spaces. The more advanced equipment simulates the movement of riding outdoors and connects you with rides around the world. Connect with social and training apps to enhance your experience even more.

How to Get Started

There are a few things you’ll need to get started with indoor cycling. The basics of a setup include a quality indoor trainer, cycling shoes, comfortable clothing, and hydration. Find a small space in your home, maybe in front of a tv or a shelf for your tablet. If your goal is just to get moving, maybe pick out a show or podcast to help pass the time. Looking to improve your performance, use a structured training plan and the adjustable resistance features on your trainer for a more vigorous workout.

Smart Bike Trainers

Smart trainers are an elevated version of traditional trainers that take your experience to the next level with built-in integrations to interact with virtual rides and training. There are two kinds of smart trainers: wheel-on and direct drive. A wheel-on trainer has a simpler setup (no need to remove your back wheel), whereas a direct drive trainer can offer more realistic riding conditions. Choosing a smart trainer that's right for you depends on your training goals, the type of performance feedback that you want to measure, and how simple you want your setup to be.

Improved Comfort & Performance

Indoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor Cycling Shoes

Use more of your muscles and be more efficient with indoor cycling shoes that safely connect to your pedals. The firm soles of these shoes are improve comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Many riders choose to use the same cycling shoes indoor and out. But specific options for indoors might be better if you periodically go to spin class too.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shorts

Have you ever felt sore from sitting on a bike saddle (lot's of people call them a seat)? Discomfort can reduce your enjoyment and get in the way of forming healthy routines. Cycling shorts have specially designed padding to keep you comfortable while riding. The sweat-wicking compression fabric keeps you cool and dry while reducing chafing. Let us know if you need help understanding the different padding options available.

Indoor Cycling Accessories

Indoor Cycling Accessories

Step up your setup with the right gear and accessories. Keep performance at the forefront with a heart rate monitor that will track your target zones, and stay hydrated with a water bottle so you can keep riding. Be sure to fuel up before you train - indoor cycling is hungry work, so we recommend keeping a nutrition bar or energy gel on hand. Having an exercise mat underneath your trainer will capture extra sweat, but you can help stave it off by running a large fan. Riding inside comes with a lot of perks!

Virtual Cycling Apps

Smart trainers can connect to your favorite virtual cycling app and seamlessly integrate programmed rides. Apps like Zwift feature fun, immersive indoor gaming experiences that make it easy to keep coming back for more. Zwift has curated training plans that target your personal goals, letting you get in shape while exploring different virtual worlds. Other great apps like Wahoo SYSTM, TrainerRoad, and Rouvy work similarly by connecting your trainer to your tablet or phone, simulating real riding conditions (minus the mud and rain). Ride on roads, forests, mountains, beaches, and more from home. These apps take indoor cycling to a new level - it’s almost like virtual reality for cyclists.

Ask Us Anything

Indoor cycling is an exciting new horizon for cyclists of any level - let us walk you through the best ways to start this journey. Call or visit us today for expert advice on getting started!