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Split Pivot Rear Suspension Delivers

Leave no trail or mountain unexplored with one of Salsa Cycles’ full suspension mountain bikes. These bikes are configured and outfitted to meet the needs of all types of riders, combining Salsa’s signature geometry and front end feel with the incredible capability of the Split Pivot suspension platform. Like every Salsa, they are designed to deliver Adventure by Bike.

  • Exceptional bump compliance
  • Maximum traction
  • Incredible pedaling efficiency
  • Predictable braking
  • Eliminates unwanted suspension movement during acceleration and braking

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A bike that has the chops to stand before any type of singletrack in the world requires the right balance of “up and over,” and a rambunctious to playful disposition. This bike has it all in spades and welcomes a contest with any trail.

Salsa Pony Rustler

Salsa Pony Rustler

Singletrack / Destination Trails / Playful Riding

Pony Rustler is Salsa’s “any singletrack in the world” plus-size tire trail bike with the super-capable, aggressive, and ground-clawing stability of 27.5 x 3.0? tires. Mix this footprint with Split Pivot technology, 148 x 12mm axle spacing, and short and agile chainstays, and you’re dressed to impress while you bust new moves on the high mountain dance floor.

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Salsa Pony Rustler GX1
$3,149.10 $3,499.00 10% Savings

All Mountain

Split Pivot and a healthy amount of suspension travel are two tricks you want to have up your sleeve in the high and wild unknown. If you gravitate towards the not-so-obvious lines up and down the mountain, this is your bike.

Salsa Redpoint

Salsa Redpoint

Remote Destination Trail / Backcountry Riding / Enduro

Redpoint is Salsa’s 27.5?-wheeled 150mm travel trail bike for tackling the roughest and most remote all-mountain terrain. A key ingredient to riding and exploring real backcountry terrain is having the ability to continually make progress through it. To be able to dive headlong without limitations whether the trail gains or loses elevation. To confidently and boldly venture beyond the borders of your imagination without concern for overreaching the capabilities of the tools you use. Our contribution to your success in the wild unknown is Redpoint.