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Specialized Bicycles

Perfection on Wheels

Every Specialized bicycle is designed using a combination of scientific precision and real-world testing to produce some of the best bikes on the road and on the trail. From world champions to weekend warriors, daily commuters to triathletes, Specialized gets you to your goal on the best bikes ever.

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Woman on a Specialized road bike

Specialized Road Bikes

Developed by our innovative team of technicians and tested by world-class athletes, Specialized road bikes are more than just bikes. They are tools to turn your determination into something more. Discover a ride so smooth, the bike feels like an extension of yourself. Hit the road with the Specialized Allez.

Woman on Specialized mountain bike

Specialized Mountain Bikes

If you have a thirst for the trail, Specialized has a bike engineered for how you ride. From lightweight hardtails to epic world-class full suspension machines, these bikes can handle cross-country excursions, downhill runs, and every other way you ride. Check out the all-new Stumpjumper.

Group ride on Specialized gravel bikes

Specialized Adventure Bikes

From bikepacking to gravel grinding, Specialized adventure bikes combine road bike innovation with mountain bike grit. Feel the rush of riding wherever the journey takes you. Down forgotten trails or epic singletrack, experience freedom and adventure with Specialized. Check out the shockingly fast, seriously fun Specialized Diverge.

Couple on Specialized hybrids

Specialized Hybrid Bikes

Get the perfect bike for whatever lies ahead. Specialized hybrid bikes are purpose-built to handle whatever your ride throws at you. From your morning commute to a cruise through the woods, Specialized gives you the perfect balance and speed and comfort. Reach your goals with the Sirrus Sport.

Woman on Specialized Turbo E-bike

Specialized Turbo

These top of the line pedal-assist bikes give you an added boost to tackle everything from your commute to your favorite trail without breaking a sweat. Specialized Turbo electric bikes can reach speeds of up to 28mph. It's you, only faster. Check out the Turbo Kenevo for trails and Turbo Vado for the road.

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