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Bike Suspension Repair &Service

Maintaining Your Suspension

Whether you ride hard, have had a few falls, or haven't serviced your bike in a while, it's important to make sure your suspension is working properly for a safe and efficient ride. We assist with all aspects of suspension including the fork, rear suspension, and dropper posts. We'll make sure you're getting the best ride out of any bike.

Bicycle Fork Maintenance Phoenix

Fork Maintenance

Also known as front suspension, forks are important for taking forward impact. Over time or after crashes, the damping (rate at which the fork compresses and rebounds) will need maintenance, air pressure will need to be adjusted, and repairs to the fork components will need to be made. 

Rear Susepension Maintenance Phoenix

Rear Suspension

Rear suspension is found on full suspension mountain bikes and allows the rear wheel to take bigger impacts. Air pressure, coils, and travel can all take a beating and need adjustments over time. Whether you're riding hard, or just have an older bike, it's important to upkeep your rear suspension.

Dropper Post Maintenance Phoenix

Dropper Posts

Dropper posts allow the rider to push the bike seat down for more control and pop it back up for climbs and long, flat rides. Over time, these springs can wear out and the cables can degrade, making dropper posts difficult or impossible to use. Adjustments and full overhauls can fix the problem.

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+ PARTS (APX. $60)

Drop Lower Legs /  Pull Air Sleeve

Remove and Replace Main Dust Seals

Grease Spring for Coil Forks

Replace Fluid in Lower Leg Oil Bath for Forks

Replace Slider Sleeves for Suntou Forks



+ PARTS (APX. $130)

Drop Lower Legs/ Pull Air Sleeve

Remove and Replace Main Dust Seals

Replace Damper Fluid

Bleed Cartridge if Required

*Up charge for FOX fork damper rebuilds ($50)

*Performance nitrogen fill for IFP chambers ($25)



+ PARTS (APX. $190)

Suspension Annual Service PLUS:

Replace all internal seals

Customize settings:
Set exact/appropriate sag
Customize rebound settings
Customize compression settings
Volume reducers
Travel spacers

Free follow up appointment for fine tuning



+ PARTS (APX. $120)

Rebuild IFP

Rebuild poppet

Rebuild seal head

Replace dust seal

Clean and inspect piston

Clean and inspect brass keys

Clean and inspect bushings

Bleed post, line, and lever if necessary



+ PARTS (APX. $140)

Dropper Pose Annual Service PLUS:

Replace piston

Replace brass keys

Replace brushings

Racer needs:

Bleed every 6 months/ half season

Damper rebuilt once a year

Avid rider or less, needs:

Bleed every year

Rebuilt every 2 years

We provide regular service to the following brands. Service to other brands possible with a consult.

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