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Bike Fitting Services

Why Get Fit At Landis

Every cyclist benefits from a properly fitted bicycle, whether you’re a competitive road cyclist, a multi-sport specialist, a mountain biker, a daily commuter, or a cycling novice. Our experienced bike fitters can help you ride faster, more efficiently, and much more comfortably, no matter what your riding style may be.

Our friendly, professionally-trained bicycle fitters are here to ensure that you get the most out of your cycling experience. We offer a variety of fit services, including Trek Precision Fit or Specialized Body Geometry techniques. See below for more information about our fit services and call us to set up an appointment at a specific store.


Trek Precision Fit is a comprehensive bicycle fitting philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort with reduced chance for injury. We offer several Trek Precision Fit packages that include a combination of the following services:

• Comprehensive Rider Interview
• Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis
• Upper Body Evaluation
• Lower Body Evaluation
• Final Review
• Follow-Up


The Specialized Body Geometry Fit provides riders with a fit that is tailored to one's unique capabilities, needs and goals. This fit is ideal for the cyclist looking to gain serious increases in overall power and efficiency. The Specialized Body Geometry Fit process includes:

• Comprehensive Rider Interview
• Flexibility and Structural Assessment
• Side Panel Assessment
• Front Panel Assessment
• Detailed Final Report
• Follow-Up


Saddle position and comfort is an important aspect of any good bike fit. Saddle problems can lead to pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, back, hands, legs and feet. Pressure mapping takes the guess work out of saddle selection and allows us to determine the perfect saddle for every cyclist. 

Saddle pressure mapping is now available at our Warner location

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