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Pro Sok Bamboo Crew V2 High Performance

Pro Sok Bamboo Crew V2 High Performance | May 2017

Good For Your Sole

Some would say that the comfort of their feet dictates the condition of their soul. If this is you, these Bamboo Crews from Pro Sok will save your sole.

Who makes socks out of bamboo? Pro Sok does, and these socks can make any ride feel like heaven. Their bamboo blended fabric will make them the most comfortable pair of socks you own. Their moisture wicking technology keeps your feet dry and ready to take on the world.

Since they shrink to fit, they fit any foot comfortably. This helps out tremendously on long, wet rides and reduces the occurrence of blisters and hot spots.

Mid-arch support and heel cushion help your feet last by promoting proper blood flow and comfort. The Pro Sok bamboo blend is naturally anti-bacterial, which kills odor, along other foot related issues. The blend also helps self regulate overall foot temperatures.

These bamboo wonders come in various sizes and colors so you can match your kit or stand out in the crowd.

Pro Sok Bamboo Crew V2 High Performance | Coming Soon!

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Reinforced Cushioned Support
  • Mid Arch Compression
  • Thermal Regulating
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