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The products that we love and can't let go of.

We’re obsessed with cycling, and we spend the majority of our waking hours discovering, exploring, and testing anything and everything that has to do with our passion for two wheels. With an endless stream of new cycling-related products hitting the market every day, it’s our pleasure to do the dirty work, find the best of the best, and share our carefully curated list of Staff Picks with you here.

We hope that you enjoy our reviews, and we encourage you to visit us in the shop to get your hands on our latest picks. Of course, we stand behind everything that we sell, and we’re always here to help you get the gear that’s perfectly suited for your cycling goals.

Staff Pick - Specialized Bikes at Phoenix

Specialized Sirrus X | January 2020

Ride More Places, More Often

When was the last time you rode a bike? Was it yesterday? Last week? Maybe it was 15 years ago? Sirrus X is your ticket to riding more... (read more)

Staff Pick - Specialized Bikes at Phoenix

New 2020 Bikes | August 2019

Our Favorite 2020 Bikes

We couldn’t pick just one new 2020 bike so we narrowed it down to our favorite six new bikes. Check out the latest... (read more)

Staff Pick - Specialized Bikes at Phoenix

Bontrager WaveCel | April 2019

You Only Get One Brain

Trek and Bontrager have partnered with WaveCel to create a helmet technology that disrupts 30 years of accepted safety... (read more)

Staff Pick - Specialized ANGi

Specialized ANGi Helmet | January 2019

More Than Crash Protection

These helmets do more than offer world-class crash protection. With innovative integrated technology, they offer.... (read more)

Staff Pick - Specialized Bikes at Phoenix

Specialized | October 2018

Specialized Bikes at Phoenix

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying Specialized products at our Phoenix location.... (read more)

Staff Pick - CycleOps Magneto

CycleOps Magneto | July 2018

Beat The Heat

Don't let the summer heat hinder your rides. The CycleOps Magneto helps you get your miles infrom the comfort of your... (read more)

Staff Pick - Trek Full Stache 8

Hydration | June 2018

Don't Ride Thirsty

Staying hydrated can mean the difference between a great time and a bonking halfway through your ride. These products... (read more)

Staff Pick - Trek Full Stache 8

Trek Full Stache 8 | April 2018

Tackle Any Trail

The new Trek Stache 8 features the best in full suspension mountain bike technology and design. The Stache handles better... (read more)

Staff Pick - Salsa Timberjack 20

Salsa Timberjack 20 | March 2018

For Young Explorers

Introduce your kids to cycling with a bike that's tough enough for adults, but designed for kids. The Timberjack 20... (read more)

Staff Pick - Bikepacking: Explore Further, Pack Lighter

Bikepacking | February 2018

Explore Further, Pack Lighter

The Salsa Woodsmoke is perfect for the rider that wants to ride to the trail, and then proceed to rip the trail... (read more)

Staff Pick - NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost

NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost | January 2018

Let There Be Light

Darkness will flee from the powerful light of the NiteRider Lumina 900 Boost. Capable of a blazing 900 lumens... (read more)

Staff Pick - Specialized Tube Spool

Specialized Tube Spool | November 2017

Compact Flat Fix

The only thing worse than getting a flat while enjoying a ride is lacking the ability to repair it and continue on. Sometimes... (read more)

Staff Pick: Trek Roscoe

Trek Roscoe | August 2017

Have More Fun On Trails

The Trek Roscoe is the ideal hardtail mountain bike. Get the fun of the best full-suspension bikes in this amazing... (read more)

Staff Pick - Bontrager Solstice

Bontrager Solstice | July 2017

Keep Your Head Safe And Cool

Helmets are a necessary piece of safety equipment, but that doesn't mean they can’t be comfortable and affordable... (read more)

Staff Pick - Tifosi Bronx

Tifosi Bronx | May 2017

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

As we go into the summer months, a good pair of sunglasses will be essential to enjoying your rides. The Bronx by Tifosi... (read more)

Staff Pick - Pro Sok Red Stripe

Pro Sok Bamboo Crew V2 HP | May 2017

Good For Your Sole

Some would say that the comfort of their feet dictates the condition of their soul. If this is you, these Bamboo Crews... (read more)

Staff Pick - Küat Sherpa 2.0

Küat Sherpa 2.0 | February 2017

User Friendly Meets Ultra Functional

When it comes to hauling around your bikes, few companies have put as much time and effort into designing... (read more)

Staff Pick - Salsa Woodsmoke

Salsa Woodsmoke | February 2017

Anywhere Off-Road Exploration

The Woodsmoke redefines the traditional capabilities of a mountain bike by being able to chew up everything you can... (read more)

Staff Picks - Garmin 520

Garmin Edge 520 | February 2016

Compete. Compare. Conquer.

Compact. Color. Connected. The new Garmin Edge 520 boasts all of these alliterative features and benefits... (read more)

Staff Picks - Flare R

Bontrager Flare R | February 2016

Be the Center Of Attention

We all know that lights are essential when you’re riding between dusk and dawn. However, most cyclists, even... (read more)

Bontrager Flash Charger Pump

Bontrager Flash Charger | 06.13.2015

Going Tubeless Gets Easier

Tubeless tires are the bee’s knees (who doesn’t love fewer flats and better ride quality?), but until we discovered... (read more)