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Where to Ride an E-Bike in Arizona

All Trails and Paths Open to E-bikes

Under new legislation, ARS 28-819: "An operator of an electric bicycle is granted all the rights and privileges and is subject to all of the duties of a person riding a bicycle."

Our local stomping ground, Maricopa County, has welcomed e-bikes on bike paths, and several parks with mountain bike trails! You can ride electric bikes with a max power-assist speed of 20mph (class 1 and class 2) on bicycle and multiuse paths. Mountain bike trails have been made available based on land management. While still banned from federal land, they are allowed in Arizona Parks & Trails based on current bicycles rules.

Power-assisted bikes that go over 20mph (class 3) are not allowed on bicycle or multiuse paths unless it is adjacent to a highway or the local authority over the path allows the operation. Please look for signage when riding and know before you go.

As laws change and uses are being defined, please ride responsibly and check ahead before you head to the trail.

Where to Ride a Mountain E-Bike in Arizona

Bike Packing in Arizona

Is vehicle insurance needed for an electric bicycle?

Just like a traditional bicycle, electric bikes do not require obtaining a title, registration, paying vehicle license tax, having a driver license or vehicle insurance. Although you do not need insurance your vehicle insurance may cover you on your bike if an unfortunate event occurs on the road – check your policy.

How do you know what class of e-bike you have?

As of 2019, manufacturers and distributors of electric bicycles have added a required sticker that includes the classification number, top assisted speed and motor wattage of the electric bicycle. If it's pre-2019 try searching your specific bike in our catalog and check out the product details for more information. Can't find what you need? Bring your bike in and we can help you out.

Class 1 E-Bike

Class 1 are pedal-assist electric bikes that go up to 20 mph – plus faster speeds with human power. The pedal-assist uses sensors to read your pedal cadence and/or how much force you are applying to the pedals. These are great for bike paths, many public trails, and street riding.

Class 2 E-Bike

Class 2 are throttled electric bikes, similar to a scooter or motorcycle, that go up to 20 mph. Even though they don't go as fast as Class 3 because of their throttle legislation may consider them a motorized vehicle in the future. Because of these unclear laws Landis only carries pedal-assist.

Class 3 E-Bike

Class 3 are pedal-assist electric bikes that go up to 28 mph – plus faster speeds with human power. Because of their speed, they are only street legal. They are a great source of transportation for commuting to work or to do local errands!

Not Into Off-Road?

We carry e-bikes that are perfect for commuting to work or crusing around town.

Have More Questions?

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